What You Need to Know About Dubai’s Policies on Illegal Drugs

Dubai has a firm stance against illegal drug use and sale. Over the years, the policies regarding illegal drugs have undergone significant changes, and possession and sale of these drugs are still unlawful. And whether you’re a first-time offender or a repeat offender, a criminal defense Dubai professional can help you out.


Punishment For First Offenders 

People caught with possession of illegal drugs for the first time can commit their sentences while confined in a rehabilitation center. This is provided that the person has a proper representative to present his case before the jury.


Medical Marijuana Is Allowed In Some Areas In UAE

There are places in the UAE that allow medical cannabis use, but despite this, these places remain strict in possession of recreational marijuana and other prescription medications. If you are traveling to Dubai or the UAE, check if your prescribed medication is permitted. You must have your prescription at your person at all times.


Drug Possession Penalties

For people convicted with possession, a mandatory four years imprisonment is punishment. Federal Law No. 14 of 1995 strictly states that it is a federal crime to manufacture, export, import, carry, buy, sell or keep narcotics and other psychotropic substances. These may be permitted if these are under controlled scientific or medical studies under particular laws.

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai are not producers or manufacturers of consumer medications; it is where illegal marijuana grown from Pakistan is shipped. And if you are accused of possession of illicit drugs and you don’t plead guilty, a defense lawyer will be provided for you.

Your case will be treated according to the state where the arrest occurred. These states differ depending on the way each treats the problem. Some states have severe punishments, while some have less harsh sentences. Usually, possession is handled the same way all the states do, and this is mandatory four years imprisonment.

Most cases of possession are regarding small amounts of illegal drugs or those who are caught without any prescription. To find out more about how to deal with drug possession charges in Dubai, consult a criminal defense Dubai professional as soon as possible.