When To Approach Probate Solicitors Birmingham

Image result for probateNot every situation involving a will dispute or issue has to be handled by a probate solicitor. Given that their specialised services do come with a fee, it could serve you better to handle the situation on your own. Hence, you need to distinguish whether your situation justifies the pounds you are going to spend on one of the professional probate solicitors Birmingham.

In this article, you will learn more about probate solicitors Birmingham, and you’ll be given a better idea of when to use them.

Cases That Typically Require A Probate Solicitor

The following cases should by no means be regarded as mandatory reasons to hire a probate solicitor. Instead, these are common situations where their extensive knowledge can be valuable.

– Tax complications where the estate value is over inheritance tax threshold while generating a continual income.

– When the estate is riddled with complexities and proves too much of a challenge to administer, complicated even more if the deceased failed to leave a will.

– The validity of the will is brought into question.

– Children or dependents of the deceased who weren’t included in the will (on purpose), but still want to put in a claim for a portion of the estate.

– Some of the arrangements attached to the estate are simply too complicated, for example, assets being held in a trust.

– There is no money left in the estate, rendering it insolvent (bankruptcy).

– There is an investigation into whether the estate is insolvent or not.

– Foreign property and/or assets are part of the estate.

– The late owner of the estate didn’t live in the UK for specific tax purposes.

What Can You Expect To Pay?

Naturally, every probate solicitor will have his or her rate and billing system. But for the most part, they charge between 1 and 5 per cent of what the state is worth.

Consider A Trusted Friend Or Family Member First

There’s a good reason why probate solicitors ask for a significant fee, and it’s because of these above-mentioned scenarios and their different levels of complexity.

But when these complexities don’t apply it is more logical to approach a trusted friend or family member. Appoint them as the executor of the estate and save quite a few pounds.

Get Clarity On Billing And Final Pricing

In regards to discussing the price with a probate solicitor, always get clarity about the billing process first. Some will be very hesitant in terms of giving an accurate estimation, meaning the final bill can be more than a little shocking.

However, there are solicitors who will give you a detailed questionnaire, from which they can estimate a more accurate fee and it won’t differ too much from the final bill.

Utilise Consultations

If you decide you need an experienced probate solicitor in Birmingham, it’s recommended to schedule at least three different consultations. Chances are you haven’t needed their services before, and you need to use the consultations in order to make comparisons.