What to do After Being Scammed Online

Divorce lawyers in Greenville SCScammers in Jacksonville, Florida are notorious for already having several successful scams. They are very tricky and can be so genuinely accommodating, you wouldn’t realize how much of a fraud they can be. Before filing a criminal attorney to the case, here are essential tips needed to be done immediately after being scammed.

Stop interacting with the Scammer

Although it may sound obvious at this point, accepting you’ve been scammed instead of continually trying to guilt trip the scammer with constant threats, this makes it less likely to fall for recovery scams. Once they see how affected you are, they will immediately take advantage of the situation by requesting a higher pay in exchange for your stolen object or money.

Report it to your local police

A lot of people find it pointless to contact the police and file a report because it seems like there isn’t anything that can be done. But having someone use the internet to steal money doesn’t make it any less of a crime. The local authorities can have the case investigated once you’ve filed a police report immediately after being scammed, especially if they stole the money from your bank account.

Contact Your Credit Card Company

If you’ve given your bank account information such as your credit card number, immediately inform your credit card company and have your account on hold to avoid unwanted money transactions. Remember to use the number on the back of your payment card to let them know it’s an emergency.

Contact the Three Major Credit Bureaus

Having given out personal bank account information is best to alert the three Major Credit Bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). They’re the agencies that create your credit reports and placing a fraud alert will ensure you additional security when you apply for a new account. Putting your account on credit freeze is also a recommended option for scam victims. Not only will it provide tighter protection, but it also stops lenders from taking your credit reports and overall, preventing them from opening accounts in your name.

If you haven’t been a victim of scams, lucky for you. If you do experience one, however, do not hesitate to contact the police within the next 24 hours and be one those victims that “tend to underreport” or “simply do not report at all.” Fight for your rights and call a criminal attorney Jacksonville, fl if needed.